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 [Pokemon] Hayzel's Trainer Card

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PostSubject: [Pokemon] Hayzel's Trainer Card   Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:04 pm

Name: Hayzel
Age: 19
Date of birth: December 31st
Gender: Male
Current residence: Traveling
Relationship status: In love with Carter
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye colour: Blue
Skin colour: Pale
Build of body: Lithe
Hair colour: Blonde
Hair style: Long and tied back in a pony tail.
Typical clothing: Wingull Hoodie with blue jeans.
Likes: Sweet Foods, Lighthouses,
Dislikes: Thunderstorms, Bug Pokemon
Fears: Disappointing his family, Fennel, Musharana,
Personal goals: To make his family proud, To become a dragon master, to do well in the Unova league
General attitude: Shy, Easily embarrassed
Birth Place: Blackthorn City, Johto
Family: Ford Brooks(Father) Clair(Mother) Jasmine(HalfSister) Pryce(Grandfather)
Love Interest: Carter
Occupation: Trainer
Favorite Pokemon: Ampharos
Favorite Type(s): Water, Dragon, Ice, Steel, Electric

Party (Current or Future):

On Hold:


Hayzel was born in Blackthorn City. As a child he was very frail and his allergies prevented him from playing outside much, so most of his time was spent in the dragon den where the water kept the air pure. When he was seven his Father and Mother separated, leaving just the two of them, however the man frequently visited. When he turned ten his father convinced the Dragon Elders to let him live in Olivine City with his half-sister so that he would be able to be outside more. Reluctantly Clair let him go.

Once in Olivine City, he made sure to take up lots of chores so that he wouldn't burden his sister. Unable to make friends easily he befriended the Ampharos in the lighthouse and spent most of his time with it. After a year of living there an earthquake caused a massive black out while he was in the lighthouse. Taking advantage of the darkness, Ghost Pokemon began to tease and scare him until a boy came and took him upstairs to the Ampharos then stayed by his side till he fell asleep. after that he never saw him again but constantly thought about him.

When he turned seventeen he made a wish upon what he thought was a falling star. He wished that he could be stronger so that he could make his family proud and at the tail end of the thought, to wish he could think the boy who had rescued him. This lead to the events of the Dream of Happiness Arc.

After the world was restored and he was placed with Carter on Route 1. When waking up, Carter proposed to him, but before he could answer they were interrupted by Hayzel's father Ford. From there he took the boys to Nuvema Town where he caught up with them, telling them that they'd been missing for two years. After Carter was united with his sister, the two stayed in town for about a month until Hayzel decided that he'd go on a Pokemon journey. Before departing his father pressured him into choosing Oshawott as his starter then traveled with them to the first town. Once there a messenger from Blackthorn met Hayzel and gave him an Axew and a letter from the Dragon elders that it was his time to become a Dragon master. Hearing of this Ford taught Hayzel's Oshawott Ice Beam then left to get caught up with his own journey.

Afterwards the two traveled together into Straiton City where Carter's sister's lab aid met and pretty much kidnapped Hayzel for her dream work. There she and her Musharana experimented on him until Carter came in and took Hayzel back. The blonde then went to take onhis first gym challenge where he faced Cilan. After a narrow victory he obtained the Trio Badge then took his leave. Once outside, Fennel's Musharna chased the couple down until they were able to lose it. Safely outside the city the two were free to continue on their journey.

Dream of Happiness Arc Team:
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[Pokemon] Hayzel's Trainer Card
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