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 Champion Mika

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Elite 4 Mika

Elite 4 Mika

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PostSubject: Champion Mika   Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:13 am

Name: Mika
Current residence: Resort Area
Height: 3"1
Weight: 80 lbs

Mika is the daughter of the legendary Draco and has been instructed in the ways of training pokemon by him sense a very young age.Mika Started her pokemon journey in the far away region of orre at age 8 after long and hard work she finally became champion of Orre. Having become the champion of the Orre Region. She has set off to Challenge the Sinnoh League with her trusted pokemon after visiting her father In The Resort Area.


Nature: Fiesty
Gender: Male
Ability: Multiscale
Level: 95
Dragon Dive, Thunder punch, Draco Meteor, Fly

Nature: Mischivious
Gender: Female
Ability: Illusion
Level: 10
Attract, Hone Claws, Shadow Ball, Night Daze

Nature: Naughty
Gender: Female
Level: 92
Volt Tackle, Electro Ball, Agility, Quick Attack

Nature: Timid
Gender: Male
Level 95
Flare Blitz, Flametrhower, Close Combat, Fire Punch

Nature: Calm
Ability: Intimidate
Level: 90
Flash Cannon, Crunch, Hyper beam, Focus Energy

Gender: Female
Ability: Cute Charm
Level: 93
Hydro Pump, Surf, Rain Dance, Dive
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Champion Mika
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