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 [Skyrim] The Dark Knight Bio

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J.J. Knight
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PostSubject: [Skyrim] The Dark Knight Bio   Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:54 pm

Name: Unknown
Alias: The Dark Knight
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Sex: Presumably male.


Daedric Armor (Fortify Health and Stamina)
Daedric Boots (Fortify Carry Weight and Muffle)
Daedric Gauntlets (Fortify One and Two Handed)
Daedric Helmet (Fortify Archery and Magicka)
Daedric Shield (Fortify Block and Resist Magic)
The Gauldur Amulet (Fortify Health, Stamina, and Magicka)


Daedric Arrows
Daedric Battleaxe (Fire Damage and Soul Trap)
Daedric Bow (Fire Damage and Soul Trap)
Daedric Dagger (Fire Damage and Soul Trap)
Daedric Sword (Fire Damage and Soul Trap)
Daedric Greatsword (Fire Damage and Soul Trap)
Daedric Mace (Fire Damage and Soul Trap)
Daedric War Axe (Fire Damage and Soul Trap)
Daedric Warhammer (Fire Damage and Soul Trap)


Bane of the Undead
Command Daedra
Conjure Dremora Lord
Close Wounds
Detect Dead
Detect Life
Expel Daedra
Fire Rune
Fire Storm
Flame Cloak
Mass Paralysis
Soul Trap
Wall of Flames



Daedric Artifacts:

The Black Star

Souls Captured with Black Star:

Grelod the Kind (Boots)*
Malyn Varen (Armor)*
Vittoria Vici (Bow)
Asgeir Snow-Shod (Warhammer)
Gaius Maro (War Axe)
Balagog gro-Nolob (Gauntlets)
Cicero (Dagger)
Astrid (Sword)
Commander Maro (Battleaxe)
Emperor Titus Mede II (Greatsword)
Amaund Motierre (Mace)
Legate Rikke (Helmet)*
General Tulius (Shield)
Others used to charge weapons

* used with Black Soul Gems


The Dark Knight first appeared during the middle of the Civil War between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. The Dark Knight is a secret assassin of the Dark Brotherhood, used to assassinate only the most desired of targets. The Dark Knight was first sighted in the Rift, murdering Grelod the Kind in Riften. The Dark Knight made several appearances over the next few months, killing random civilians that were rumored as contracts of the Dark Brotherhood and Imperial or Stormcloak soldiers that were unfortunate coming across the Dark Knight.

During the Civil War, several forts were found completely destroyed. A survivor at Fort Greenwall in the Rift claimed that it was the Dark Knight that attacked the fort at Midnight upon a steed with red eyes (Shadowmere)before the soldier died. Both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks put large bounties on the head for the Dark Knight's murder. Familes of the deceased soldiers asked the Dark Brotherhood for the Dark Knight's assassination, but the Dark Brotherhood denied their knowledge of who the Dark Knight is or where to locate him, as reports of the Dark Knight vary.

In the final battle at Solitude, the Dark Knight took the lives of General Tulius and Legate Rikke. To further cripple the Empire, the Dark Brotherhood and the Dark Knight began to plot the murder of the Emperor. More sightings of the Dark Knight arose as many witnessed the Dark Knight ride up to capitals while riding a horse with ride eyes before his victims were murdered later that evening.

Betrayed by Astrid, the Dark Knight was handed over to Commander Maro, whom wanted revenge for the death of his son. However, the Dark Knight escaped (after killing dozens of Penitus Oculatus), the Dark Knight returned to the Sanctuary to find it being ransacked. The Dark Knight survived the attack and continued on with the contract to kill the Emperor.

Will add more.

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[Skyrim] The Dark Knight Bio
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