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 The Black King Rises[Invitation]

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PostSubject: The Black King Rises[Invitation]   Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:32 am

[This RP is open via Invitation. If accepted, the poster may post as a Mage, Warrior, or Thief. No assassins are allowed. If position is taken, must pick the remaining. First come, first serve.]

One year has passed since the Dragonborn rose to fight Alduin and defeated him. The people of Skyrim rejoiced over their freedom. The Blades reformed in order to hunt the Dragons. However, the war between the Imperials and the Stormcloaks raged on.

The Daedric Princes, angered by the refusal to join them by the Dragonborn, gave their powers to one of their followers; the same powers as the Dragonborn. This gave birth to the Dark Knight. On the first annual celebration since the defeat of Alduin, the Dark Knight traveled to High Hrothgar and murdered the Graybeard and slew the Dragonborn in an intense duel.

With the Dragonborn now gone, the Dark Knight mysteriously disappeared from the world.

The War raged on for three more years. The Empire reclaimed Markarth after it was surrendered during the peace treaty, and the Stormcloaks won back the Rift. The Dark Knight was reported attacking forts that belonged to both Imperials and Stormcloaks, making the War even more difficult. Growing tired from the War, the Empire began to lose ground. Then the Dark Brotherhood changed the balance of the War.

With a contract to kill the Emperor, Titus Mede II, made for the Dark Brotherhood, the Dark Knight surfaced and took the contract. The Dark Knight killed several people before killing the fake Emperor, which lead to the destruction of the Dark Brotherhood after the betrayal from Astrid, who was jealous of the Dark Knight, and Commander Maro, whom the Dark Knight murdered. The Dark Knight resumed his contract and murdered Maro, and eventually the Emperor.

After the murder of Titus Mede II, the Dark Knight turned on the remaining members of the Dark Brotherhood and murdered them, as well as destroying the Night Mother. With the Dark Brotherhood gone, the Dark Knight disappeared once more.

With the Emperor dead, the Imperials began to lose their footing in the war. The Stormcloaks regained Markarth and the Reach. Now with the advantage, the Stormcloaks pushed onward to win Hjaalmarch from the Imperials. The Civil War concluded in the Battle for Solitude, where Ulfric and his Stomcloaks stormed the Capital and defeated the Imperials.

Ulfric stormed Castle Dour in search for General Tullius to proclaim his victory. Once found, he stabbed General Tullius in the chest with his sword. Unknown to Ulfric, the Dark Knight delivered the death blow to Tullius and absorbed his soul into the Black Star.

After the conclusion of the Civil War, Skyrim enjoyed a period of peace. The Blades fought the Dragons wherever they appeared. The Dark Brotherhood no longer threaten the civilians. Life seemed to go on well in Skyrim.

Then the Dark Knight appeared in Solitude.

With a incredible, but deadly, display of magic and combat skills, the Dark Knight killed the occupants of Solitude. With a declaration of War onto Skyrim, the now proclaimed Black King summoned a Daedric Army to attack mankind.

Skyrim faces a new threat; a threat against Skyrim and it's people.

Ulfric Stormcloak leaned back into the stone throne in The Palace of Kings. His head hung from the news of the attack in Solitude. His General, Galmar Stone-Fist, and his eight remaining Captains, argued furiously over what they should do about the threat.

"Ulfric, we should send our army and defeat the threat now!" proclaimed Stone-Fist. "The Black King must be slain immediately!"

"Silence!" yelled Ulfric as he stood up, his brows furrowed in anger. The halls went quiet as the echo of Ulfric's voice rang through them. Ulfric stepped down from his throne and paced for several minutes before stopping. "Galmar. Send letters to the Leaders of the Companions, the College of Winterhold, and the Thieves Guild. Also, fetch me Joshua Knight. We'll need him as well. I have a special mission for them. Gather the armies. We're going to crush this threat before it gets out of hand."

"Now that's how I like it," said Galmar as he turned to give the orders to the captains.

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The Black King Rises[Invitation]
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