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 [FFXII] Hayzel

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PostSubject: [FFXII] Hayzel    Sat Apr 23, 2011 12:33 am

Character Name (First and Last): Hayzel
Gender: Male
Race: Hume
Nationality: Arcadian (Though identifies as Vierra and sympathizes with the Resistance)
Sexuality: Gay
Birth date: Unknown
Hair color: Light blond, almost white
Hair style: Medium length around then tied into a ponytail in back.
Eye color: Yellow
Body Structure: Medium Framed, a bit Lanky.
Style: Wears a leather vest with clear lace coming from the shoulders. Wears silver armlets and a silver belt with a chocobo for a buckle.
Role: A MistWalker
Status: Engaged to Carter

Born in Archadia, Hayzel lived happily with his parents till the age of four when during a mishap in the engine room of an airship caused him to be orphaned amongst the wreckage of the crashed ship. Being found by a Vieira he was taken in and raised. For a time the Viera sought to return him to the care of passing Humes but no one passed through the forest for some time. Grwoing attached to the one he called his mother, he tied two feathers to his head to have ears like the her. When the Garif and Viera had the annual summit they learned of another Hume child taken in. Being male, they decided Hayzel’s fate was best left to the Garif. Before making tier final decision they found the boy talking amongst himself. On further investigation they found him to be speaking to the Wood, a feat not achieved by any Hume. Realizing his gift, and hearing the Wood’s protest, the boy was trained as a Mistwalker, his abilities having grown to see the mist.

The Viera not having young had scouts frequently escort Hayzel to the Garif to interact other’s his age. Having most in common with the Hume boy the two spent most of their time together, often riding Chocobos around the plains. On one visit, when he was old enough to find his own way, he discovered that the boy had been adopted by the eldest son of the Archadian Empire, and was to only visit to train and in times of high ceremonies, making their visits less frequent. On his last visit to see Carter he learned that the other was to be in full charge in a defense unit for Lord Larsa. After exchanging good-byes the boy returned to the Wood, saddened. Hearing the boy’s thoughts the Wood told him to leave its shelter and search out those would need him.

Doing so , he was lead to Vann and his friends and decided to lend them his power and in their journey he was reunited with Carter along-side lord Larsa. Upon meeting them in Jahara the elder discussed an ceremony between Viera and Garif that had been long forgotten except among the elders. Knowing of the two’s fondness for each other the High elder decided that it should be rekindled once more to bring back the unity between the two earthly powers of Ivalice.
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[FFXII] Hayzel
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