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 [Pokemon] Kaidy's Trainer Card

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PostSubject: [Pokemon] Kaidy's Trainer Card   Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:27 pm

Character Name: Kaidy Kudos [Used to be called KayDK]
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: Kanto
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 12
Birth date: February 17th
Hair color: Light Brown
Hair style: Long&Straight Curl-Free, soft hair
Eye color: Light Brown
Body Structure: Average
Height:Average (Bad with inches)
Typical clothing: A plain light pink T-Shirt, a light blue skirt, brown sandals, and always wears a watch-like bracelet on her arm and a necklace around her neck. Most likely to carry a picnic basket when she wants to.
Likes: Flowers, animals, helping people.
Dislikes: Wearing warm clothes.
Fears: Heights
Personal goals: Finding out about herself
General attitude: Nice, kind, caring, always helping people but can be much different during problems.
Favorite Pokemon: Jigglypuff
Favorite Types: Grass and Water
Pokemon on hand: Jigglypuff

Level: 9
Nature: Exiciting, cute
Gender: F
Ability: Sing, Defense Curl, Pound
History: Kaidy was living happily with her family. She used to go to the forest daily, to find pokemons, while holding a picnic which had flowers, 2 Pokeballs, and food she gathers like fruits. Until one day she found a Jigglypuff. Kaidy thought it was the cutest thing she's ever seen. She walked slowly to Jigglypuff, but then it started running away. Kaidy didn't want to give up so she quickly ran while yelling "Hey wait!! I won't hurt you!!". She ran for half an hour, but yet she still managed to remember which way was home. Jigglypuff then jumped over a gap that Kaidy wouldn't be able to jump over, Kaidy still tried to jump it but she failed and her head hit a piece of metal that was at the bottom of the gap.

After 2 hours Kaidy woke up, the first thing she saw was Jigglypuff. "What.. Happened.." Kaidy said in confusion. "Who are you.. Who am I?" still confused, and dizzy. "Gah! I don't know anything anymore!" she yelled in shock as she stood up. "Who am I.. Where am I.. What am I doing here.. What am I going to do.. What have I done.." she started to ask herself questions as she walked in circles "Which way is home, where do I find my family, who are my family.. What's my name.. What's my dad's name.. What's my mom's name.." She was completely panicked and wouldn't stop asking herself questions. "Do I have a pokemon.. Is that Jigglypuff my pokemon.. Do I like Pokemons.. Do my friends like pokemons.. Who ARE my friends.."

"I'm.. Clueless.." she said as she sat down on the ground/metal, hopelessly. Jigglypuff bounced to Kaidy and stared at her. "jigglypuff" it said. "You were here before, weren't you?" Kaidy asked, as Jigglypuff nodded. "I know this may seem sudden, but can I be your trainer?!" Kaidy asked, as Jigglypuff nodded and seemed happy and said "Jigglypuff!" It agreed because Jigglypuff saw how much Kaidy wanted to get to her badly.

Kaidy looked at her bracelet and it said -Kaidy Kudos- so she believed that it was her name. She looked at Jigglypuff. "Let's go walk.." they started walking in the forest lost.
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[Pokemon] Kaidy's Trainer Card
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