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 [Pokemon] Jake Trainer Card

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PostSubject: [Pokemon] Jake Trainer Card   Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:17 pm

Name: Jake
Age: 16
Date of birth: May 06
Gender: Male
Current residence: Traveling
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 152 lbs
Eye colour: Brown
Skin colour: White
Build of body: Slightly built
Hair colour: Black
Hair style: Short/straight
Typical clothing: Orange jacket, light brown t-shirt, khaki pants, and black tennis shoes
Likes: Pokemon battles, Being underground
Dislikes: Flying,
General attitude: Friendly, Shy, Nervous
Birth Place: Pewter, Kanto
Love Interest: ---
Occupation: Trainer
Favorite Pokemon: Onix
Favorite Type(s): Ground, Fighting

Pokemon (Party):

Nature: Gentle
Gender: M
Ability: Sand Veil
Level: 9
Scratch, Defense Curl, Sand Attack, Poison Sting

Growing up in Pewter City, Jake had a natural love for ground type pokemon. On the
other hand he had a fear of flying-types. When he was six years old, Jake had been playing out on Route 3 with a Spearow. While he was playing with it, a Fearow had came down and picked him up off the ground. It had taken him to a ledge on the side of Mt.Moon and left. The ledge was about 30ft above the ground. Jake had sat there and started to cry when a Mother Sandslash and a little Sandshrew appread out of the ground. The Sandslash saw that Jake was stuck and offered to help him by digging a little tunnel to the ground so he could get home. He had followed the Sandslash and Sandshrew in the little cave and finally reached the bottom. Jake thanked the Sandslash and started to go back home when he saw the Fearow coming back. It came down and started attacking Jake, the Sandslash quickly tried to defend Jake and after a hard battle the Fearow flew away. The Mother Sandslash fell too the ground and had died because of its wounds that it got from the battle. Jake and the little Sandshrew both started to cry, but they had dug a hole and buried the Sandslash. To thank the pokemon for saving him, he made a promise that he would take care of Sandshrew and make sure it grew well and strong. Jake had carried the Sandshrew home, back to Pewter City and they became great friends.


Ten year had passed since that time and now Jake and his trusted pokemon, Sandshrew, help out around the museum in Pewter City. They would go into Mt. Moon and try and find items that they could give to the museum to put on display. Jake still carries a fear of flying and he doesn't really like flying-type pokemon at all, but he gets by. He and his Sandshrew even go to the grave that they had made for the Mother Sandslash every week, to honor it and wish it peach in the afterlife.
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[Pokemon] Jake Trainer Card
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