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 [OC RP] Silen Buel

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PostSubject: [OC RP] Silen Buel   Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:57 am

Character Name: Silen Buel
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: American
Sexuality: ??
Birth date: 22/9/1999 (Age 12)
Hair color: Just like the Picture Below
Hair style: Just like the Picture Below
Eye color: Just like the Picture Below
Typical clothing: Just like the Picture Below
Body Structure: Average Build
Personality: Silen is just a 12 year old girl, while most people mistake her for being a 15 year old. She is a very picky eater, so the only time that she ever gets angry is probably when someone is making her talk or she requests a food that isn't there, however the foods she orders are small foods like salads, chocolates, soup, ramen, noodles, etc.. She doesn't talk at all, and she doesn't have any friends, she doesn't even plan to make some. She doesn't like to talk either. Even if she was at an interview you would doubt she would talk. She tries to be nice, but most of the time she's just an ignorant little brat, even while trying to be nice. She doesn't care about anyone. You can say she doesn't communicate very well. She likes to go solo. She's actually quiet shy sometimes, and is rude without noticing it. She can also Punch and Kick when she's angry. Since she doesn't talk at all, and she always loves&wears blue, everyone just calls her Silent Blue.
Height: As tall as an average 15 year old (I'm not good with inches, etc.)
Education: Smart sometimes.
Status: Single
Likes: The color blue, being alone/quiet and meeting people (It depends)
Dislikes: Foods that fatten, and (sometimes) talking too much.

History: Silen Buel came from a rich family. Her parents always cared for her, but she didn't like it. The fact that her family was rich did not please her. She was hoping for a regular life. Her parents always offered her some of the fanciest and greatest of foods but she did not like them, not one bit. She like cheap things like salads and ramen. She didn't like any fancy foods such as Foie Gras, Oyster, Lobster.. Silen's school used to be a very proper mannered school, but then they switched her to a regular ole school because she wanted to. She's their only child so they couldn't dissapoint her. Silen had one friend at school, her friend (boy) wasn't much of a talker either. They didn't do anything or talk or anything at all. They just barely said their names to each other, that's all. However, Silen was a bit smart so she skipped a few grades, she was dissapointed because then she couldn't pass letters to her friend in class. One day, Silen asked her parents if she could go on and live on her own. They completely denied. But after a month of Silen's begging they decided to let her go. They gave her everything she would need, including a small house, and let her on her own.
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[OC RP] Silen Buel
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