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 [Pokémon] Jeam's Trainer Card

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PostSubject: [Pokémon] Jeam's Trainer Card   Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:14 pm

Name: Jeam Vestman
Age: 17
Current residence: Kanto
Height: 180 centimetres
Weight: 65 KG
Love Interest: None
Gender: Male

Specialty Type:


Jeam whom was a lone wolf, preferred reading books rather than spending time playing with the chidren whereas Jeam developed a cold and manipulative attitude. Despite this he has a very soft spot for pokémon. Whenever he felt lonely he would go and play with pokémon instead of the children. The pokémons he played with were owned by other trainers that lived in Pallet town. There was one pokémon though, that wasn't owned by a trainer and that was Geodude. A wild pokémon which seemed to be friendly with Jeam. As time passed Geodude and Jeam became very close friends. When Jeam turned 17, his father whom he rarely spoke with, gave him a pokéball and told him this:

''I know very well that you prefer being with pokémon or reading books instead of being with the others. Therefore I decided to give you a pokéball since I believe due to your passion with pokémon and knowledge gained from reading books that you will enjoy traveling the world. I know that you might be confused as to why I give you this...but trust me. Your question will be answered as you travel''.

As his father said this, he took Jeam's hand and placed the pokéball in his hand. Jeam, who couldn't even say a word, nodded. To his own surprise he gave his father a hug and said:

''Thank you''.

After saying those words Jeam left without saying another word except a single gesture as he ventured into forest where he played with pokémon. A gesture where he lifted his hand in a rising motion and then let it fall down as if saying: ''We'll meet again''. But this time he did not venture into the forest to play, but to meet a friend. When he finally arrived at the location where his friend, Geodude, usually resided. A place filled with rocks and boulders whom he and Geodude had collected in the past and made it their own personal playing ground. As he heard Geodude coming he sat down on a nearby stone with a comfortable enough surface to sit on. As geodude stopped in front of Jeam, Geodude seemed to have a questioning look in his face. As Jeam looked at Geodude he showed him the pokéball, waiting for a response. Geodude gave Jeam a huge smile and grasped Jeam's hand, showing that he accepted Jeam as his trainer. And so they began their journey, never looking back, always looking forward.
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[Pokémon] Jeam's Trainer Card
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