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 Beginner Roleplay Guide

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PostSubject: Beginner Roleplay Guide   Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:49 pm

Forum Rules Apply as well.

How do I start roleplaying?
Well, first you have to make your character/profile then you simply have to go start or make a roleplay! You silly little thing!

You are a human and you have your restrictions.
Unless you are roleplaying as a Superhero or such, you have your restrictions as you are a mere human. You are allowed to make your character skilled and talented, such as masters of Karate. Again, I repeat, unless you are roleplaying as a Superhero or such, you can NOT get shot by a bullet and live.

Post Length
When posting, you can not post one line and end. You must at least try to make a decent paragraph. If you cannot post bigger things this will be forgiven in most cases.

No Godmodding
No Godmodding. But first, some of you may ask "What is Godmodding?". I'll tell you. Here's an example.
"Nour quickly attacked J.J. Knight, knocking him onto the ground and making him bleed from his arm."
That's godmodding and godmodding is bad. As you can see, Nour; I just godmodded. Meaning I did something and did not give J.J. a chance to do something. This is what it should have been.
"Nour quickly attacked J.J. Knight, surely to knock him into the ground and make him bleed from his arm."
That's better. Now J.J. has a chance to do something. Maybe dodge, counterattack, or anything like that.
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Beginner Roleplay Guide
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