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 [Pokemon] Louis's Trainer Card

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PostSubject: [Pokemon] Louis's Trainer Card   Wed Feb 08, 2012 3:00 am

Character Name: Louis
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Nationality: Kanto
Sexuality: Gay
Age: 17
Birth date: June 2
Hair color: Red
Hair style: Spiked out bangs then progressively shorter in the back.
Eye color: Green
Body Structure: Somewhat built
Height: 5' 10"
Occupation (Optional): Trainer
Typical clothing: A bright yellow tank top over khaki shorts. He also has a black belt with a golden flame shaped buckle
Likes: Digging for fossils, warm days, being outside
Dislikes: Snow, being wet in clothes, rainy days
Fears: Snakes, Being Buried Alive
Personal goals: To become a Pokemon master, to uncover a fossil that has yet to be discovered.
General attitude: Outgoing, A bit hot headed,
Birth Place: Pewter City, Kanto
Family: Father, Mother
Love Interest: Leo
Favorite Pokemon: Houndoom
Favorite Type(s): Fire, Rock, Ground, Dark

Team On Hand:


Louis's started out on his journey with his Charmander when he was fifteen but during an earthquake in Mt. Moon a boulder fell on his leg and crushed it. Luckily an Onix tunneling near by rescued the boy before an more damage could be done to him. From there the Pokemon carried the boy to safety. After Louis was well enough to walk, he went and found the Onix and asked it to join him. The Pokemon refused, but after two years of coming every day, the boy got a chance to save the Onix from a group of villains trying to take it down with grass Pokemon. After saving the Onix and freeing it from all the leftover vines the Pokemon joined him.

Ready to begin his journey, he made his way to the Viridian forest to get in some training. Finding no Pokemon in sight, he paced around till he found a boy named Leo surrounded by various bug Pokemon. A little frustrated he challenged the boy and swiftly defeated him only to scare all the other Pokemon away. Not wanting to leave the boy on his own he lead the boy back to Pewter City where they decided that they'd travel together. From there Louis went on to challenge Brock and pulled through with an easy victory. During Charmander's battle with Geodude, it evolved into Charmeleon.

Fresh from his victory he takes Leo home where they rest up before heading on to Mt. Moon.

Future Team[Kanto]

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[Pokemon] Louis's Trainer Card
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