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 Trainer Card: Blaze

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PostSubject: Trainer Card: Blaze   Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:39 pm

Name: Blaze
Age: 20
Current residence: Cinnabar Island
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175
Love Interest: Flora
Specialty Type:


Nature: Rash
Ability: Blaze
Level: 85
Air Slash, Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Focus Blast

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Flash Fire
Level: 80
Crunch, Wild Charge, Outrage, Flare Blitz

Nature: Mild
Ability: Flash Fire
Level: 75
Energy Ball, Confuse Ray, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower

Nature: Adamant
Ability: Flash Fire
Level: 75
Flame Charge, Fire Fang, Retaliate, Superpower

Nature: Hasty
Ability: Flash Fire
Level: 76
Poison Jab, Bounce, Megahorn, Flare Blitz

Nature: Lonely
Ability: Flame Body
Level: 79
Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Focus Blast, Solar Beam

Nature: Mild
Ability: Blaze
Level: 84
Flamethrower, Will-o-Wisp, Focus Blast, Eruption

Nature: Rash
Ability: Flash Fire
Level: 78
Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Inferno

Nature: ???
Ability: Flame Body
Level: 76
Ancientpower, Protect, Shell Smash, Flamethrower

Nature: Lonely
Ability: Blaze
Level: 83
Blaze Kick, Bulk Up, Sky Uppercut, Flare Blitz

Nature: Lonely
Ability: Magma Armor
Level: 77
Flamethrower, Rock Polish, Stone Edge, Earthquake

Nature: Impish
Ability: White Smoke
Level: 76
Flame Charge, Protect, Earthqauke, Stone Edge

Nature: Naughty
Ability: Blaze
Level: 82
Acrobatics, Bulk Up, Close Combat, Flare Blitz

Nature: Unknown
Ability: Blaze
Level: 66
Wild Charge, Earthquake, Superpower, Flare Blitz

Nature: Unknown
Ability: Gluttony
Level: 75
Acrobatics, Work Up, Flamethrower, Superpower

Nature: Unknown
Ability: Sheer Force
Level: 77
Hammer Arm, Belly Drum, Superpower, Flare Blitz


Blaze grew up on Cinnabar Island with his uncle Blaine, the Gym Leader of Cinnabar. Blaze was orphaned when his parents were killed by Mewtwo while working for the scientists who created it. Blaze grew up in luxury and spent most of his time with his grandfather, Blaine. On his tenth Birthday, Blaine sent Blaze to Pallet Town to get his first Pokémon. Also there were three young trainers also getting their first Pokémon; Flora, Hydra, and Voltage. Blaze received Charmander from Professor Oak as well as five Pokéballs and Pokédex.

After receiving their Pokémon, the four trainers had a double battle that featured Flora and Blaze teaming up against Hydra and Voltage. Hydra and Voltage won the bout, and Voltage turned on Hydra by having Pikachu use Thundershock on Squirtle to demonstrate his dominance. The four trainers departed on their journey's to Viridian City. Upon arrival, Blaze found that only trainers with seven badges would be allowed in. Irritated, Blaze traveled threw Viridian Forest toward Pewter City. While traveling, he met up with Hydra and Flora. During the Gym Battle at Pewter City against Stone, Charmander evolved into Charmeleon.

Charmeleon learned Dragon Rage, a powerful attack that made Charmeleon a deadly force. Blaze would use Dragon Rage to defeat Stone for his first badge; the Boulder Badge. After winning his badge, he found that he was left behind by Flora and Hydra. While Blaze was traveling to Mt. Moon, Blaze got a call on his Xtransciever from Blaine, sayng that he had a gift for him. Blaze went to a nearby Pokemon Center and received a Growlithe.

Blaze continued on to arrive at Cerulean City. While traveling, Blaze found a Vulpix and caught it. Immediately, two boys with a Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan battled Blaze in a double battle for the Vulpix. Blaze defeated the two trainers with help from his new Pokémon. an Growlithe.

Once he arrived to Cerulean City, he immediately challenged the Gym. There he battled Hydra for his second badge. The Dragon Rage technique made a huge factor in the battle, as Blaze barely defeated her to earn his second badge. He left town the next day to head toward Saffron City. Once he arrived, Blaze found that Sabrina was not there. He then decided to go south to challenge Lt. Surge to a battle.

Before the Gym Battle, Blaze went on the S.S. Anne with Hydra and Flora. While there, he ran into Voltage. After a quick conversation, he discovered that Voltage was the stand in Gym Leader for his father, Lt. Surge, like Hydra was for her older brother. The two trainers had an impromptu Gym Battle on the S.S. Anne. In mid battle, Charmeleon evolved into Charizard to get the edge and defeat Voltage's Raichu.

After receiving his third badge, Blaze traveled back north toward Celadon City. Once there, he, Flora, Voltage, and Hydra saved a girl from Team Rocket and returned her Eevees to her. In gratitude, the girl gave each of them their own Eevee. Voltage, and Hydra evolved their Eevees into Jolteon and Vaporeon, while Flora departed back to Viridian Forest to evolve her Eevee to Leafeon. Blaze then grabbed one of his Fire Stones and used it on his own Eevee (dropping it on its head by accident), and evolved it into Flareon.

When Flora joined them after their Gym Battles, the four trainers found Team Rocket's hide out and stormed it. Together, they defeated a large number of Team Rocket members. They encountered the leader of Team Rocket himself, Giovanni, before he fled. After defeating Team Rocket and pushing them out of Celadon City, Blaze challenged an defeated Flora easily (she stood in, as Erika fell ill). After his victory, Blaze bought a bike and went down Route 17. While traveling, Blaze found and caught a Ponyta.

When he finally reached Fuchsia City, he found and challenged Toxin to a battle. Blaze won by using Charizard in the end, defeating her Crobat. After receiving his fifth badge, Blaze returned to Saffron City to find that Silph Co. was under siege by Team Rocket. Flora, Hydra, Voltage, and himself teamed up to overthrow Team Rocket. Blaze and Voltage teamed up to defeat Giovanni's Rhydon, as it was too powerful for Charizard and Raichu to defeat alone. After saving the Silph Co. Blaze challenged the returning Sabrina to a Gym Battle. Blaze defeated Sabrina in a narrow victory. After earning his sixth badge, Blaze decided it was time to head back home to Cinnabar Island.

Instead of taking a boat, Blaze flew on Charizard's back. Blaze challenged and defeated his grandfather in a tough match to earn the Volcano Badge. Right after his victory, Blaine let Blaze stand in as Gym Leader while he went on vacation. During his tenure, Blaze only lost four matches to Voltage, Hydra, Flora, and surprisingly, Rocky. When Blaine returned, he, Flora, and Hydra were invited to the Sevvi Islands by Bill to help him. Once there, Blaze caught a new Pokémon: Magmar at Mt. Ember. During the battle, Blaze's Ponyta evolved into Rapidash.

Also while at the Islands, Blaze encountered and attempted to catch Moltres, the legendary fire bird. He almost caught it, but Mt. Ember erupted and foiled his chance to catch the Moltres. Blaze returned to Cinnabar Island and flew to Viridian City. Once there, he realized that he had a great battle ahead of him. Using his left over Fire Stones, Blaze evolved Vulpix and Growlithe into Ninetales and Arcanine to give him a better chance at defeating the unknown Gym Leader.

Blaze entered the Gym prepared and determined. There he met Giovanni once more and discovered that Giovanni was also the Gym Leader. The two forces began their grueling battle. Giovanni began with Nidoqueen, and Blaze started wit Magmar. Magmar barely defeated the Nidoqueen . Magmar was tired however and was defeated by Nidoking. Blaze used his Arcanine to take down the Nidoking, but Rhydon was too much for the Arcanine. The fate of the victory rested on Charizard. Down to their last Pokémon each, the battle grew fierce. Blaze's Charizard stood up to the Rhydon and defeated it to earn Blaze the Earth Badge.

With all eight badges, Blaze qualified for the Tojoh Tournament, the yearly tournament set up for Trainers from Johto and Kanto. Blaze won his preliminary matches and made it to the tournament along with Flora, Hydra, and Voltage. In the semi-finals, Blaze defeated Flora to advance to the finals. In the finals were Blaze and Voltage. The two young trainers engaged in a fierce battle with six Pokémon each.

The battle began with Blaze using Ninetales and Voltage using Electrode. Immediately, Voltage's Electrode used Explosion, knocking out both of their Pokemon. Each sent out their next Pokemon, Rapidash and Magneton. Rapidash was able to dispose of Rapidash, but sustained some damage by using Flare Blitz against it. Voltage's next Pokemon was Lanturn, a Pokemon Blaze, and any of the others for that matter, has ever seen Voltage use before. The Lanturn was able to defeat Rapidash easily. Lanturn also defeated Blaze's Magmar. Down three Pokemon to Voltage's two, Blaze was set at the disadvantage.

Using Flareon, Blaze was able to defeat Voltage's Lanturn, bringing them to three Pokemon a piece. Voltage resorted to Volteon, but fell to Flareon's Superpower technique. Weakened, Flareon did not stand much chance against Voltage's Electibuzz. Electibuzz also defeated Blaze's Arcanine, though barely. With his last Pokemon, Blaze depended on Charizard to win the battle. Charizard defeated the Electribuzz, through it was severely damaged from the fight. Charizard was easy pickings for Voltage's Riachu. With the fall of Charizard, Voltage won the Tojoh Tournament.

After his loss in the Tojoh Tournament, Blaze, along with Flora and Hydra, decided to begin their journey a new Pokémon. The three trainers began their journey in New Bark Town. The three trainers visited Professor Elm as requested by Bill. Because of their help at the Sevvi Islands, Bill ordered them three new Pokémon to begin their journey; Chikorita for Flora, Totodile for Hydra, and Cyndaquil for Blaze.

Using his new Pokémon, Blaze traveled to Violet City to challenge Falkner to a Gym Battle. While traveling, Blaze stopped at Sprout Tower for training before the big match. While training, Blaze's Cyndaquil evolved into Quilava to get a boost in power.

With Quilava, Blaze challenged and defeated Falkner's Pidgeotto to win his first Johto Badge. Blaze then went south to Azelea Town to battle Bugsy for his second badge. While en route, he discovered Team Rocket up to no good at the edge of Azelea Town. Blaze defeated the Team Rocket members and drove them out of Slowpoke Well. Blaze then challenged and defeated Bugsy for his second Johto Gym Badge. Blaze continued onward toward Goldenrod City. He challenged the Gym Leader, Whitney to a battle and lost to her Miltank. Blaze trained for a few more days before challenging Whitney again. He taught Quilava Brick Break and used the fighting technique to defeat Whitney's Miltank.

Blaze went North and soon arrived at Ecruteak City. There he met a trainer named Damian who was preparing to travel to a new region called Hoenn. Blaze challenged Damien to a battle and lost with one blow from Damien's Tyranitar. After the crushing defeat, Blaze trained Quilava a little more before challenging Morty to a Gym Battle. While training, he found a pack of Houndoom. Blaze fought off the pack and captured their leader after the battle. Quilava evolved into Typlosion as a result of the battle.

Blaze defeated Morty's Gengar with his new Houndoom. After the battle, Blaze taught Typlosion a new technique called Focus Blast, a powerful fighting attack. Blaze continued West to find the Gym Leader, Jasmine, unable to compete. Blaze then goes South to Cianwood City. As he was about to challenge the Gym Leader, Chuck, to a battle, Blaze ran into Voltage. Voltage saw that Blaze had a few Pokémon, so he taught Typlosion Wild Charge, an electrical attack, before leaving. Blaze would find this technique extraordinarily useful as he would have not defeated Chuck's Poliwrath without it. Blaze traveled back to Olivine City to find Jasmine had returned to the Gym. Blaze challenged and defeated her Steelix to earn his sixth Gym Badge.

Blaze traveled East to Mahogany Town to challenge the seventh Gym. A new Gym leader, Snow, took Blaze's challenge. After defeating Snows Piloswine, Blaze found Team Rocket attacking Hydra and Flora. The three trainers, later teamed up with Tojoh Champion Lance, to fend off the dozens of Rocket's. The four trainers infiltrated their secret hide out and defeated some of the members there. They quickly discovered that Goldenrod was under siege, and Flora, Hydra, and Blaze rushed to defeat the Executive Rockets from accomplishing their plans. Joined by Voltage in mid mission, the four trainers from Kanto defeated the Rocket Executives and disbanded Team Rocket once and for all.

The four trainers traveled to Blackthorn City together to challenge Clair, the strongest Gym Leader in the Johto League. One at a time, Voltage, Hydra, and Flora defeated Clair and her Dragons. Seeing how his Pokemon would have problems with her Kingdra, Blaze went to train on the outskirts of Blackthorn. While training, he found and caught a Magcargo.

The battle was long and fierce when Blaze had his chance to challenge Clair. Magcargo managed to defeat her Dragonair, but fell to Gyarados. Blaze then used Houndoom to combat the Gyarados. After falling to his Houndoom, Clair resorted to Kingdra. Kingdra defeated the weakene Houndoom with ease. After a fierce battle, Kingdra finally fell to Blaze's Typloshion. After two months of training, Blaze entered the Tojoh Tournament for the second year with hopes of winning the Championship.

Like the year previous, Blaze, Flora, Hydra, and Voltage made it to the semi-finals. Instead of winning in the semi-finals, however, Blaze had to battle Hydra. Blaze used Arcanine, Typlosion, and Charizard against Hydra's Quagsire, Feraligator, and Blastoise. Immediately, Blaze had a very hard time against Hydra's Quagsire. Immune to electrical attacks, Wild Charge used by Arcanine and Typlosion were rendered useless against her Water Pokémon. After it was finally taken down by Charizard, his fate was sealed. Charizard barely defeated Hydra's Feraligator and was taken apart by her Blastoise. Blaze lost his match and did not make it to the finals. However, Blaze redeemed himself and took 3rd place after defeating Voltage in a tough match for the bronze metal.

Blaze decided that after the Tojoh Tournament, he'd take a boat to the Hoenn region. Like before, Blaze deposited all of his Pokémon to begin a new Journey in the new region. While on the S.S. Anne, he discovered that Hydra, Flora, and Voltage had done the same thing. While they were close to Slateport City, Blaze, Hydra, and Flora went overboard during a ferocious storm. The three trainers found themselves at Littleroot Town. After resting up, the three trainers departed the town to find new Pokémon. They ran into Professor Birch as he was collecting data on some Pokémon. After hearing their story, Professor Birch decided to give them each a Pokémon for entertaining him. He gave Hydra a Mudkip, Flora a Treeko, and Blaze a Torchic.

With his new Pokémon, Blaze traveled to Petalburg City to challenge his first Hoenn Gym. Upon arrival, Blaze was easily defeated by Norman. Deciding that now would not be the best time to challenge him, Blaze went north through Petalburg Woods toward Rustboro City to challenge Roxanne to a Gym Battle. While traveling through the Woods, Torchic evolved into Combusken.

Combusken had an advantage against Roxanne's Rock type Pokémon now that it was a dual Fire/Fighting type. Combusken steamrolled over Roxanne with its Doublekick attack. Blaze then took a boat, along with Flora, to Dewford Town to challenge Brawly to a Gym Battle. Combusken used it's Bulk Up technique it learned by watching Brawly's Makuhita use before attacking to defeat it in battle. Blaze traveled to Slateport City and found Voltage waiting there. He had heard about Flora, Hydra, and Blaze falling off the ship and landing in Littleroot Town. Voltage then departed to Mauville City to challenge Wattson. Blaze continued to train his Combusken while traveling to Mauville. When he arrived and challenged Wattson, Blaze's Combusken demolished the competition. Blaze continued North to Fallarbor Town to get around Mt. Chimney. While traveling through the Fiery Path, Blaze caught two new Pokémon; Numel and Torkoal.

Blaze managed to travel through Mt. Chimney to reach Lavaridge City, home of the fourth Gym. Blaze challenged Flannary, the Lavaridge Gym Leader, to a battle of Fire Pokémon. She managed to defeat his Torkoal, but Blaze's Numel evolved into Camerupt to give him the edge and secure victory.

Blaze now felt ready to challenge Norman. Blaze returned to Petalburg City after a month of traveling and challenged Norman to a rematch. Blaze's Torkoal managed to defeat his Linoone, but Vigoroth defeated his Torkoal. Blaze came back to defeat his Vigoroth with Camerupt, and Norman came back with Slaking. To win the tie breaker, Blaze used Combusken to fight the Slaking. Combusken evolved into Blazekin mid battle and defeated Slaking to earn Blaze's fifth Badge.

Blaze took the next two months to travel back up North to Fortree City. He trained his Fire Pokémon hard to prepare for the final three Gyms. When Blaze arrived in Fortree City, he annihilated Winona to earn his sixth Gym Badge. He traveled East to head toward Lilycove. Once he approached there, he realized he had a problem; there was no way for him to get to Mossdeep and Sootopolis Cities. Hydra, who was about to depart with her Water Pokémon, gave Blaze, Flora, and Voltage a ride on her Wailord to Mossdeep City. Once there, Flora and Blaze teamed up to battle Liza and Tate in a double battle for their badges. Blaze used Blazekin while Flora used Sceptile. After the four of them earned their Mind Badge, the four trainers traveled to Sootopolis City. Once there, the four trainers took turns challenging the Gym Leader, Juan, to matches. Like Clair, Blaze withdrew a few Pokémon to help secure his victory.

Blaze started off with Blazekin against his Gym battle against Juan. Blazekin managed to take out all of Juan's Pokémon, though struggled against Juan's Kingdra. Blazekin refused to give up and continued to battle. After winning his eighth Gym Badge, Blaze was accepted into the Hoenn Championship Tournament at Evergreen City. Blaze made it past the preliminaries and lost to Hydra in the semi-finals. Blaze lost again in the third place title match against Voltage and did not place in the Tournament.

Blaze swore that he'd never take last place again and once again began a new journey in a land called Sinnoh. Blaze, Voltage, Flora, and Hydra set port in Canalave City. With no Pokémon, Blaze, Hydra, and Flora took a plane to Sandgem Town south of Jubelife City. Before departing, the three trainers talked to Professor Rowan and ordered a Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup for themselves to pick up. They arrived at Sandgem Town and received their pre-ordered Pokémon.

Chimchar is a naughty Pokémon that often plays pranks on its owner and opposing Pokémon. Chimchar was hard for Blaze to control at first. While traveling to Jubelife and Oreburgh Cities, Chimchar often attacked him and tried to run away. During the Gym Battle against Roark, Chimchar evolved into Monferno out of desperation to defeat Roark's Cranidos.

After evolving, Monfero's behavior grew even more erratic. When Blaze reached Floaroma City, Blaze had enough of its bad behavior. Blaze withdrew Blazekin from his account and had Blazekin discipline Monferno.

For two weeks, Blazekin and Monferno sparred. At first, Monferno grew angry and resented Blazekin for its strength. As a skilled fighter, Blazekin taught Monferno to use its naughty nature to its advantage. Blazekin taught Monferno fighting skills and maneuvers to make it a better fighter. By the end of Blazekin's teachings, Monferno was much stronger and knew techniques such as Flame Wheel, Brick Break, and Bulk Up.

Blaze continued on with his journey. After a few more weeks of traveling through Eterna Forest, Blaze finally reached Eterna City. Monferno decimated the Grass Gym to earn Blaze his second Sinnoh Badge. Blaze then traveled south east to Hearthrome City to challenge Fantina to a Gym Battle. Monferno grew frustrated that it could not hit Fantina's Ghost Pokémon. Monferno evolved into Infernape in frustration and used Flamethrower to win Blaze his third Gym Badge.

Blaze continued East to Veilstone City to challenge the Fighting Gym. Infernape demonstrated its skill in martial arts against Maylene's Lucario and used a technique called Close Combat to win Blaze his fourth Gym Badge. While traveling down south to Pastoria, Blaze found an item called Magmalizer. When Blaze reached Pastoria City, he found Voltage waiting for him. They made a deal to trade their Magmar and Electabuzz while holding their items to evolve into stronger Pokémon. Blaze agreed and withdrew his Magmar. He gave Magmar the item as Voltage gave his Electabuzz his Electrilizer. Blaze and Voltage traded their Pokémon and each evolved into Electivire and Magmotar. They traded each other back their Pokémon. Blaze decided to keep Magmotar on his team as a sparing partner for Infernape.

With his powerful Pokémon, Blaze was able to defeat Crasher Wake to earn his fifth Gym Badge. The same could be said for the rest of Blaze's Sinnoh journey. Blaze traveled back to Canalave City to challenge and defeat Bryon. Two months later, Blaze arrived in Snowpoint and defeated Candice. Blaze spent another two months to travel to Sunyshore City and defeated Volkner. With his eighth Gym victory, Blaze once again qualifies to enter the yearly Tournament. Blaze picked out his team and entered his toughest Tournament yet.

Blaze won his preliminary matches and once again entered the finals. In the semi-finals, Blaze was paired up with Flora to determined which would go to the Finals. Flora put up a good fight with her Torterra, but after Blaze took it out, her Grass Pokémon did little to stop Blaze's Fire Pokémon. Like his first year as a Pokémon Trainer, Blaze and Voltage found themselves in the Finals. Unlike the first Tournament, they were allowed six Pokémon each for the final match. The match boiled down to Charizard and Raichu as their final Pokémon each. Both Pokémon were exhausted and used at the opening of the final round, only to be switched back and forth during the match. In one last attempt to be the champion for the first time, Charizard used Blast Burn in a risky maneuver. Raichu was unable to dodge the attack and got severely damaged by the blow. Raichu refused to go down without a fight and both Pokémon stood in a stand off before they both fell. Raichu however fell first and Charizard stood the longest, making Blaze the winner of the Sinnoh Tournament. Blaze returned to Cinnabar Island to celebrate his victory with all of his Pokémon. After a few weeks of recuperating, Blaze purchased tickets to the annual S.S. Anne cruise to the far away land of Unova. Like all of his new journeys, Blaze left all of his Pokémon behind.

Blaze arrived at Nuvema Town with Flora and Hydra on their fifteenth birthday. As a present from Professor Oak, he had ordered them three Pokémon to begin their Journey in the new world. In traditional fashion, Flora, Blaze, and Hydra picked their respective signature type Pokémon. Blaze began his journey with Tepig.

Blaze, Hydra, and Flora parted ways once more to begin their journey. For the first week, Blaze had traveled through Accumula and to Striaton City to battle for his first Unova badge. Before battling the gym, he, Flora, and Hydra saved a young girl from a Team Plasma grunt in the Dreamyard. She gave them each an Elemental monkey Pokémon. Blaze chose Pansear, adding to his team of Tepig.

Blaze returned to Striaton Gym to challenge the Gym Leader, Cress, to a match. Pansear was able to take out Lillipup, but fell to Cress' Panpour. Blaze was nearly defeated until his Tepig evolved into Pignite and defeated Panpour to earn Blaze his first taste of victory against the gyms and earned the Trio Badge.

Fresh off his victory against Cress, Blaze traveled to Nacrene City to battle Lenora, the local Gym Leader. Blaze used Pignite against her and easily overpowered her Herdier and Watchog. Blaze spent the next three weeks traveling through the Pinwheel Forrest before arriving in Castelia City. There, he once defeated Burgh to win his third Gym Badge. While traveling through the desert on Route 4, Blaze encountered and caught a Darumaka.

After catching his Darumaka, Blaze arrived in Raimon City shortly after. He challenged the Gym Leader, Elesa, to a battle. Blaze barely won the match, as Pignite evolved into Emboar just moments before defeat to win him the match to earn his fourth badge.

Blaze continued on Westward to Driftveil City for his fifth Gym Badge. While there, Blaze found that the Gym Leader and Sheriff was unavailable. Blaze decided to train while he waited. Once available, Blaze challenged Clay to a Gym Battle. During the battle with Seismitoad, Darumaka evolved into Darmanitan to overpower the Seismitoad. Darmanitan fell to Excadrill, but Blaze came back with Emboar to win his fifth Gym Badge.

With his fifth Unova Gym victory, Blaze continued West toward Mistralton City. There, he was able to defeat the Gym Leader, Skyla, for his sixth Gym Badge. While on his way to Icirrus City, Pansear was digging through Blaze's bag in search for more food. While searching, Pansear found a Fire Stone and caused it to evolve into Simisear.

With Semisear fully evolved, Blaze felt confident that he could defeat the next Gym Leader, Brycen, the Ice Gym Leader of Icirrus City. Blaze was able to defeat Brycen with Emboar alone. After the Gym Battle, he ran into Flora. Before Flora could confess her feelings for Blaze, there was an earthquake and Reshiram appeared. Blaze attempted to catch the Reshiram but it fled. Blaze ran after the Reshiram and left Flora at Icirrus City. Blaze eventually lost sight of Reshiram, and decided to move on to Opelucid City.

Once Blaze arrived there, he immediately challenged the Gym Leader, Drayden, to a battle. With Semisear and Darmanitan defeated, Blaze came back and defeated Drayden with Emboar. Blaze then made his way to the Pokémon League. While traveling, he found and caught a Heatmor

As Blaze was close to the Pokémon League, he ran into Voltage. The two got into a heated discussion and began a Pokémon Battle. Their Pokémon fought fiercely and neither side wanted to give up. At the end of the battle, both Reshiram and Zekrom showed up and took possession of Blaze and Voltage.

With Reshiram in control of Blaze, Reshiram battled Zekrom in an intense battle that saw no end. Much of the environment witnessed mass destruction as the hatred for each other fueled Reshiram and Zekrom's strength. It was only at the interference of Hydra and Flora, their admittance of their feelings for their respective crush, and sealed with a kiss did Blaze and Voltage's anger toward each other subside. With Blaze distracted by Flora's kiss and Hydra with Voltage, Reshiram and Zekrom's power faded as well. The two Dragon Pokémon ceased battling and went their separate ways.

Blaze, along with Flora, Voltage, and Hydra entered the Unova Pokémon League. All four competitors qualified and made it past preliminaries. In the first round of the Tournament, Blaze was paired with Flora to begin the first Battle of the Tournament while Voltage and Hydra faced off in the second. In the first round, each was allowed a single Pokémon. Blaze used Charizard while Flora used Torterra. With the huge advantage, Blaze was able to defeat Flora and knock her out of the Tournament. In the second round, Blaze used Charizard again while Voltage used Raichu. Blaze fought valiantly, but lost in the quarter finals. After their defeat, Flora and Blaze returned to Kanto and stayed at Cinnabar Island.

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Trainer Card: Blaze
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