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 Trainer Card: Voltage

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J.J. Knight
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PostSubject: Trainer Card: Voltage   Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:36 pm

Name: Voltage
Age: 20
Current residence: Vermillion City
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 165
Love Interest: Hydra
Specialty Type:


Nature: Modest
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Static
Level: 85
Signal Beam, Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast

Nature: Lonely
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Motor Drive
Level: 84
Brick Break, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Earthquake

Nature: Quiet
Gender: None
Ability: Sturdy
Level: 77
Mirror Shot, Magnet Rise, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt

Nature: Hasty
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Volt Absorb
Level: 75
Signal Beam, Agility, Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt

Nature: Modest
Gender: None
Ability: Static
Level: 76
Signal Beam, Magnet Rise, Thunderbolt, Explosion

Nature: Quiet
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Volt Absorb
Level: 82
Ice Beam, Confuse Ray, Surf, Thunderbolt

Nature: Rash
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Static
Level: 78
Power Gem, Confuse Ray, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast

Nature: Hasty
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Static
Level: 79
Snarl, Signal Beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt

Nature: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Intimadate
Level: 81
Thunder Fang, Crunch, Wild Charge, Superpower

Nature: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Unknown
Level: 75
Nitro Charge, Agility, Bounce, Wild Charge

Nature: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Compound Eyes
Level: 80
Energy Ball, Toxic, Bug Buzz, Thunderbolt

Nature: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Levitate
Level: 83
Dragon Claw, Crunch, Aqua Tail, Wild Charge


Voltage grew up at Verillion City with his dad, Lt. Surge, the local Gym Leader. Voltage's family was very military-like and spent most of his time with his dad, helping him train their Electric Pokémon. On his fifthteen Birthday, Lt. Surge sent Voltage to Pallet Town to get his first Pokémon. Also there were three young trainers also getting their first Pokémon; Flora, Hydra, and Blaze. Voltage received Pichu from Professor Oak as well as five Pokéballs and Pokédex.

After receiving their Pokémon, the four trainers had a double battle that featured Flora and Blaze teaming up against Hydra and Voltage. Hydra and Voltage won the bout, and Voltage turned on Hydra by having Pichu use Thundershock on Squirtle to demonstrate his dominance. The four trainers departed on their journey's to Viridian City. Upon arrival, Voltage found that only trainers with seven badges would be allowed in. Irritated, Voltage traveled threw Viridian Forest toward Pewter City. While traveling, he taught his Pichu Brick Break, a martial arts move to help him defeat Stone for his first Gym Badge. During the gym battle, Pichu evolved into Pikachu, giving him enough power to defeat Stone's Rhyhorn.

Voltage would continue to travel with Pikachu being his only Pokémon. Voltage defeated Hydra to win his second Gym Badge. He left town the next day to head toward Saffron City. Once he arrived, Voltage found that Sabrina was not there. He then decided to go south to challenge his brother, Lt. Surge, to a battle. Once he arrived in Vermillion City, his brother left him in charge and received a Thunder Badge for his efforts. While at the Pokécenter, Pikachu accidentally touched a Thunderstone and evolved into Raichu.

While acting as Gym Leader, only three trainers defeated him; Hydra, Flora, and Blaze. Hydra defeated him with her Gyarados, Flora defeated him with her Venusaur, and Blaze defeated him with his newly evolved Charizard. Lt. Surge returned soon after the defeats and took over as Gym Leader. Voltage left toward Celadon City to continue his journey. Once there, he, Blaze, and Hydra saved a girl from Team Rocket and returned her Eevees to her. In gratitude, the girl gave each of them their own Eevee. Voltage evolved his Eevees into Jolteon

When Flora joined them after their Gym Battle, the four trainers found Team Rocket's hide out and stormed it. Together, they defeated a large number of Team Rocket members. They encountered the leader of Team Rocket himself, Giovanni, before he fled. After defeating Team Rocket and pushing them out of Celadon City, Voltage challenged an defeated Erika easily. After his victory, Voltage went East to Lavander Town. There, he continued north to the Power Plant and caught three Pokémon: Electabuzz, Magneton, and Electrode.

When he finally reached Fuchsia City, he found and challenged Koga to a battle. Voltage won by using Raichu's Thunderbolt attack in the end. After receiving his fifth badge, Blaze returned to Saffron City to find that Silph Co. was under siege by Team Rocket. Flora, Hydra, Blaze, and himself teamed up to overthrow Team Rocket. Blaze and Voltage teamed up to defeat Giovanni's Rhydon, as it was too powerful for Charizard and Raichu to defeat alone. After saving the Silph Co. Voltage challenged the returning Sabrina to a Gym Battle. Voltage defeated Sabrina in a narrow victory. After earning his seventh badge, Voltage decided to head to Cinnabar Island. Voltage took a boat to Cinnabar Island. Voltage challenged and defeated Blaine in a tough match to earn the Volcano Badge.

After earning his seventh Badge, Voltage returned to Viridian to challenge the Gym Leader there. to his surprise, he discovered that Team Rocket Leader Giovanni is the Gym Leader. Giovanni was difficult for Voltage because his Pokémon were immune to Voltage's electrical attacks. Voltage barely won his eighth Badge from Giovanni. After his win, Voltage returned to the Power Plant and attempted to catch the Legendary Zapdos. Voltage came close to capturing the legendary thunderbird, but ultimately failed. Voltage then began his journey to the Tojoh Tournament. Voltage breezed through the preliminaries and met Hydra in the semi-finals. With a severe advantage over Hydra, Voltage took her out with Electabuzz and Jolteon. Voltage then met Blaze in the finals. After a long drawn battle, Voltage's Raichu defeated Blaze's Charizard to win first place at the Tojoh Tournament.

After Voltage's victory, he continued on his journey in the Johto Region with intent on winning at the Tojoh Tournament for a second year in a row. Unlike Blaze, Flora, and Hydra, Voltage continued to use his old Pokémon for his journey. Voltage destroyed Falkner in his first Johto Gym Battle to earn his first Gym Badge. Just outside of Violet City, Voltage caught a Mareep. The Mareep evolved almost immediately after Voltage used it to battle a young Trainer.

Voltage traveled South to Azelea Town to defeat Bugsy with his Flaaffy. Voltage used Flaaffy again to defeat Whitney. Using Flaaffy for the majority of the battling, Flaaffy evolved after his Gym Battle with Whitney.

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Trainer Card: Voltage
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